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    Cuba admits Venezuelan recession is hitting hard: Chavist oil shipments down 20% Venezuela’s grim situation is impacting not only millions of households around the country: it is also sending panic waves across the Caribbean all the way to Cuba, a solid ally that for decades now has relied heavily on Chavismo’s generosity. Cuba, a totalitarian […] Continue reading
    Venezuela cuts oil shipments to Cuba forcing Castro to consider veering to U.S. By Franz von Bergen Published July 27, 2016 Fox News Latino CARACAS – Venezuela’s grim situation is impacting not only millions of households around the country — it is also sending panic waves across the Caribbean all the way to Cuba, a […] Continue reading
    Want to Invest in Cuba? Meet Your Partner, Castro’s Son-In-Law Michael SmithSep 30, 2015 12:01 am ET (Bloomberg) — Omar Everleny Pérez 
is eager to show me how far Raúl Castro’s overhaul of Cuba’s socialist economy has advanced, and so, on a muggy evening in August, the 54-year-old economist invites me into his home in […] Continue reading
    Want to Do Business in Cuba? All Roads Lead to Raúl Castro’s Son-in-Law Things are changing rapidly in Cuba, and people from around the world are eager to get in on the action. Wait until they meet their new partner. September 30, 2015 Michael Smith Propaganda outside Mariel, a new base for private investment. The […] Continue reading
    The Annual Potato Ritual ORLANDO PALMA, Havana | Marzo 09, 2015 Last weekend, the arrival of the potato in several farmers markets in Havana provoked fights that recalled the despair of the most difficult years of the Special Period. Hours after the squabbles ended, it was possible to buy potatoes in the same places, but […] Continue reading
    U.S. Cuba policy worthy of Ripley’s ‘believe it or not’ BY FRANK CALZONCUBACENTER.ORG 02/11/2015 5:38 PM 02/11/2015 5:38 PM For many years, author Robert Ripley roamed the Earth collecting oddities and strange stories and establishing “odditoriums” to display them. Were Ripley still alive, he’d be writing and drawing cartoons about Cuba, the Castros and President […] Continue reading
    CORRUPCIÓN Turismo paramilitar JUAN MARTIN LORENZO | Toronto | 26 Oct 2014 – 10:59 am. Cuba es el país latinoamericano con más grandes empresas hoteleras. Bajo mando militar en su mayoría y con un yerno de Raúl Castro al mando que organiza el emporio familiar para cualquier cambio que venga. En Cuba las Fuerzas Armadas […] Continue reading
    Cuba, island of contrasts Group of Americans explores modern Cuba during 10-day journey Mar. 10, 2013 2:19 AM, When it comes to Cuba, the label inside my jeans describes it perfectly: Faded Glory. Visiting this island nation, so close to us but such a world apart, was a study in contrasts: What once was, what […] Continue reading
    "Cuban Economy Is Still Stagnant Despite Reforms: Cuban National By Christopher Witrak Dec 04, 2012 1:30 pm "The United States is the ceiling of heaven," says Cuban national. MINYANVILLE ORIGINAL Nearly 60 years after the Cuban Revolution, much has changed: It's now legal for citizens to own and sell property, start a business, and emigrate […] Continue reading
    Cuban Wretch "Escapes" Castro's ParadiseWritten by Bruce WalkerFriday, 15 July 2011 10:31 On Thursday, July 14, 2011, a young Cuban who tried to stowaway inside the landing gear of a Spanish airliner died during the nine-hour flight from Havana to Madrid. It was, ironically, Lenin who invented the term "voting with their feet" during the […] Continue reading
    La Lucha: The Human Cost Of Economic Repression In Cubaby Patricia Linderman for the Foundation For Economic Education As I opened the gate of the high security fence around my yard inHavana, a black woman in her 30s glanced left and right and quicklywheeled her rusty Chinese bicycle inside. Her name was Marta, and shewas […] Continue reading
    Cuba: Close, but no cigar for U.S. touristsBy Kitty Bean Yancey, USA TODAYHAVANA — The country famed for vintage architecture, rum, cigars and '50s cars has a new spin. Cuba and its tourism industry are ramping up with hip hotels, Chinese-made tour buses and restaurants serving trendy international dishes, partly in anticipation of an influx […] Continue reading
    Visiting Raúl Castro's CubaSamuel Farber ON JULY 31, 2006, THE CUBAN government announced that due to a serious illness, the nature of which was declared a state secret, Fidel Castro was stepping aside as the head of state. His younger brother Raúl, officially designated as his successor since the early days of the 1959 Revolution, […] Continue reading
    January 8, 2009 – 8:01 PMDaily struggle tests Cuban revolution Fifty years ago on Thursday Fidel Castro and his rebel forces entered the Cuban capital, Havana, declaring "tyranny has been overthrown". Swiss Cuba experts examine the impact and future challenges of Cuba's revolution at a time when islanders are struggling to cope with uncertainty and […] Continue reading
    The End of the End of the RevolutionBy ROGER COHENPublished: December 5, 2008 ON MY FIRST DAY IN HAVANA I wandered down to the Malecón, the world's most haunting urban seafront promenade. A norte was blustering, sending breakers crashing over the stone dike built in 1901 under short-lived American rule. Bright explosions of spray unfurled […] Continue reading
    Cubans Uncertain About Future but Many Crave ChangeBy VOA NewsHavana, Cuba13 February 2007 Today, we begin a special series of reports: “Inside Cuba – Reporter’s Notebook.” As 80-year-old Cuban President Fidel Castro remains largely out of the public eye, recuperating from unspecified intestinal surgery that sidelined him in July, the island is being ruled on […] Continue reading
    Economic crisis forced Cuba to reduce ecological footprint SILVER DONALD CAMERON I REALLY have never seen anything like the “camels” of Cuba — huge fifth-wheel trailers drawn by tractor trucks, and fitted up as buses capable of carrying as many as 300 people. They’re wonderfully flexible — the tractors that tow them could as easily […] Continue reading
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