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    Cuban Couple Prefers to Face the Jungle Rather Than the Law in Cuba 14ymedio, Mario J. Penton, Panama City, 2 July 2017 – They managed to escape Cuba to leave behind traces of corruption and negligence that, according to Yudenny Sao Labrado and her husband Yoendry Batista, reflect the prevailing system on the island. From […] Continue reading
    They fled to avoid prosecution from a web of corruption that is part of daily life in Cuba BY MARIO J. PENTÓN PANAMA CITY, PANAMA The couple fled Cuba to avoid the web of corruption and negligence that they say reflects what is normal life on the island. They got stranded in Panama, but […] Continue reading
    Fidel Castro is dead BY GLENN GARVIN Fidel Castro, who towered over his Caribbean island for nearly five decades, a shaggy-bearded figure in combat fatigues whose long shadow spread across Latin America and the world, is dead at age 90. His brother Raul announced the death late Friday night. Millions cheered Fidel Castro on […] Continue reading
    Want to Invest in Cuba? Meet Your Partner, Castro’s Son-In-Law Michael SmithSep 30, 2015 12:01 am ET (Bloomberg) — Omar Everleny Pérez 
is eager to show me how far Raúl Castro’s overhaul of Cuba’s socialist economy has advanced, and so, on a muggy evening in August, the 54-year-old economist invites me into his home in […] Continue reading
    Want to Do Business in Cuba? All Roads Lead to Raúl Castro’s Son-in-Law Things are changing rapidly in Cuba, and people from around the world are eager to get in on the action. Wait until they meet their new partner. September 30, 2015 Michael Smith Propaganda outside Mariel, a new base for private investment. The […] Continue reading
    Easterners in Havana: An Exodus Hushed Up by the Cuban Regime / Ivan Garcia Posted on June 15, 2015 Ivan Garcia, 30 May 2015 — One hot and boring night, drinking a tear-inducing moonshine, Yosvany and a group of friends in a remote sugar-workers’ town in Yateras, Guantanamo province, more than a 600 miles east […] Continue reading
    Long faces and empty pockets / 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar Posted on November 4, 2014 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 1 November 2014 – One of the distinctive features of the new era in Cuba is that it is no longer shortages but pricing that explains the difficulty of acquiring food grown on the island, but at […] Continue reading
    What Fidel Taught Hugo Cuba defined Chávez's career as much as Venezuela did BY FRANCISCO TORO Hugo Chávez died today in Venezuela at the age of 58, but his battle with a never-specified form of cancer was waged largely in a Cuban hospital—a telling detail, as Cuba loomed just as large in his political imagination […] Continue reading
    Our Breadline on a Sunday Morning May 22, 2012 Regina Cano HAVANA TIMES — As most of us Cubans know, to participate in waiting in a line means including oneself in a good barometer of opinion. I must confess, it had been a good while since I had last had that first-hand experience of literally […] Continue reading
    Cuba, DR on very different paths By Roland Alum May 20, 2012 On May 20, 1902 the Cuban Republic was born, following the Spanish-American War, or Spanish(Cuban)American War, that ended Spain's colonial rule. Coincidentally, this May 20, the Dominican Republic is holding its 14th presidential election since the downfall of Rafael Trujillo in 1961. It […] Continue reading
    Posted on Tuesday, 05.15.12 Foreign Policy: Preparing for Life after Castro Early this month, a senior Cuban official raised the possibility of loosening travel restrictions, potentially making it far easier for Cuban citizens to travel abroad as tourists. So far, little is known about the details of the policy Havana has in mind. But the […] Continue reading
    Cuba's culture of poverty persists: Op-edPublished: Saturday, December 31, 2011, 12:08 PMThe Jersey Journal By The Jersey JournalBy ROLAND A. ALUM / SPECIAL TO THE JERSEY JOURNAL The Fidel-&-Raul Castro regime marks 53 years this Jan. 1. The brothers unquestionably enjoyed extraordinary popularity in 1959, but the enthusiasm soon vanished as they turned Cuba into […] Continue reading
    16 April 2011 Last updated at 09:58 GMT A last hurrah for Cuba's communist rulersBy Michael Voss BBC News, Havana Cuba's Communist Party is holding its first Congress in 14 years, and for the country's ageing leaders it could be one of their last opportunities to bask in the victories of days gone by. The […] Continue reading
    Posted on Sunday, 07.25.10Fidel absent, Raul silent at Cuba's Revolution DayBy PAUL HAVENAssociated Press Writer SANTA CLARA, Cuba — A B-team of socialist speakers spent Cuba's Revolution Day bashing the United States for everything from its drug consumption to the war in Iraq to its military support for Colombia, portraying Washington as the great villain […] Continue reading
    Posted on Sunday, 08.09.09Cuban economy feels heat of world downturnCuba's economy was already in grave condition before the worldwide recession struck. Now, the government is imposing even harsher rationing of electricity and food.By JUAN O. Fernando used to have a cushy job in Havana as a teller in a government bank office with air-conditioning, […] Continue reading
    Visiting Raúl Castro's CubaSamuel Farber ON JULY 31, 2006, THE CUBAN government announced that due to a serious illness, the nature of which was declared a state secret, Fidel Castro was stepping aside as the head of state. His younger brother Raúl, officially designated as his successor since the early days of the 1959 Revolution, […] Continue reading
    Cuba slumps back into hardshipBy Robert PlummerBusiness reporter, BBC News Cuba's socialist system has done little to protect the island from the economic turmoil that has engulfed its capitalist adversaries. The combined effect of higher international food prices, three hurricanes and the general worldwide slowdown have pushed Cuba into its worst financial crisis since the […] Continue reading
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