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    The future of Cuba is capitalism By Nicolas Briscoe | 03/20/2017 7:42pm The greatest blessing of my life has been my Cuban heritage. The warmth, love and fun that accompany every aspect of Cuban family and culture are incomparable forces for good in my life. In my hometown of Miami, there is a neighborhood referred […] Continue reading
    La Habana, atrapada por el alto costo de vida, calles oscuras y pandillas juveniles 11 de septiembre de 2016 – 15:09 – Por IVÁN GARCÍA Excepto las céntricas avenidas o arterias principales, la mayoría de las vías secundarias de la capital están oscuras o deficientemente iluminadas LA HABANA.-Pasada las nueve de la noche, la calle […] Continue reading
    In Cuba, seedlings of capitalism Updated: AUGUST 11, 2016 — 12:53 PM EDT by Michael Smerconish, Inquirer Columnist Entrepreneurship might seem like an odd word to associate with Cuba, but it seems increasingly apt, given the individuals I met during a week traveling the island. From the tobacco fields three hours outside of Havana to […] Continue reading
    Obama and Cuban myths debunked YESENIA FERNÁNDEZ SELIER | Nueva York | 5 Abr 2016 – 12:30 pm. Without any shots, threats or military invasions, the US’s 44th president, Barack Hussein Obama, arrived in and departed from Cuba. Cubans all over were glued to their screens, engaging in the inevitable debate about his visit’s motivations […] Continue reading
    El poder de la reconciliación Si queremos que nuestro país no se convierta en un Estado fallido y provoque una intervención extranjera que nos remonte al punto de partida de 1902, no hay otra alternativa que el dialogo y la reconciliación Rafael del Pino, EEUU | 30/03/2016 6:24 am Desde que comenzaron los debates en […] Continue reading
    UNCOVERING GAY HAVANA, CUBA After a 45-minute flight, we land on the cracked-concrete runway of José Martí International Airport, walk off the plane onto a seemingly deserted airstrip, and are greeted by a white bust of revolutionary José Martí. BY JOSEPH PEDRO In old Havana there is a tree that’s said to be older than […] Continue reading
    A la espera del Año Nuevo entre quejas y reguetón La capacidad de soportar no tiene límites entre los ciudadanos que se escudan en el chiste y la indiferencia ante el manicomio económico del país CUBA REPORTAJE LA HABANA.-IVÁN GARCÍA Especial Cuando en la madrugada del 30 de diciembre los camiones llegaron a la Avenida […] Continue reading
    Revolution 2.0: What 40 American Entrepreneurs Learned In Cuba Loren Feldman FORBES STAFF Not long after we arrived in Cuba last month, we heard our first jokes about the country. In one, Presidents Vladimir Putin, George W. Bush and Fidel Castro have all died and gone to Hell. There, they meet the devil who tells […] Continue reading
    ¿Por qué las autoridades no posibilitan que el pueblo de Cuba tenga acceso a Internet? octubre 28, 2015 4:47 pm· El Cerro, La Habana, Rogelio Travieso, (PD) Los cubanos que hayan leído “La vida oculta de Fidel Castro”, escrito por Juan Reinaldo Sánchez, ex escolta de Castro por 17 años, seguramente se sentirán, burlados, utilizados, […] Continue reading
    Want to Invest in Cuba? Meet Your Partner, Castro’s Son-In-Law Michael SmithSep 30, 2015 12:01 am ET (Bloomberg) — Omar Everleny Pérez 
is eager to show me how far Raúl Castro’s overhaul of Cuba’s socialist economy has advanced, and so, on a muggy evening in August, the 54-year-old economist invites me into his home in […] Continue reading
    Want to Do Business in Cuba? All Roads Lead to Raúl Castro’s Son-in-Law Things are changing rapidly in Cuba, and people from around the world are eager to get in on the action. Wait until they meet their new partner. September 30, 2015 Michael Smith Propaganda outside Mariel, a new base for private investment. The […] Continue reading
    Dividing the Pie: Cuba’s Ration System After 50 Years Posted: 03/09/2015 7:24 pm EDT Updated: 03/09/2015 7:59 pm EDT Medea Benjamin Co-founder, CODEPINK: Women for Peace This post was originally published on Telesur. La libreta, the Cuba ration booklet, encapsulates the debate about Cuba’s socialist experiment. Detractors say that the fact that food is still […] Continue reading
    "Cuban Economy Is Still Stagnant Despite Reforms: Cuban National By Christopher Witrak Dec 04, 2012 1:30 pm "The United States is the ceiling of heaven," says Cuban national. MINYANVILLE ORIGINAL Nearly 60 years after the Cuban Revolution, much has changed: It's now legal for citizens to own and sell property, start a business, and emigrate […] Continue reading

    Revolutionary Racism in Cuba
    June 21, 2011

    This analysis was prepared by COHA Research Associate Naomi Glassman

    Revolutionary Racism: Afro?Cubans in an Era of Economic Change

    Fidel Castro's regime enacted anti-discrimination legislation and
    redistributive reforms benefiting Afro-Cubans
    Afro-Cubans are disproportionately affected by Cuba's economic
    struggles and change
    U.S. dollars from remittances, and paladares contribute to… Continue reading

    Cubans Worry as Economy SuffersNovember 11, 2009 9:17 PMPosted by Portia Siegelbaum Ever since Raul Castro became Cuba's President in February 2008, people—at home and abroad—have been waiting for changes that would improve living conditions on the island. But the changes have been slow coming and there are indications that when they do take place […] Continue reading
    Cuba: Close, but no cigar for U.S. touristsBy Kitty Bean Yancey, USA TODAYHAVANA — The country famed for vintage architecture, rum, cigars and '50s cars has a new spin. Cuba and its tourism industry are ramping up with hip hotels, Chinese-made tour buses and restaurants serving trendy international dishes, partly in anticipation of an influx […] Continue reading
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