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    Cuba: A revolutionary refrain Tue, 25 Jun 2013 Travel Cuba is dancing to its own beat, in its own time, Sue Wootton writes. For visitors to Cuba, it’s hard to shake the impression that a glass bubble descended over the island 50 years ago, semi-preserving everything. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro stare from the walls; […] Continue reading
    Cuba, DR on very different paths By Roland Alum May 20, 2012 On May 20, 1902 the Cuban Republic was born, following the Spanish-American War, or Spanish(Cuban)American War, that ended Spain's colonial rule. Coincidentally, this May 20, the Dominican Republic is holding its 14th presidential election since the downfall of Rafael Trujillo in 1961. It […] Continue reading

    Revolutionary Racism in Cuba
    June 21, 2011

    This analysis was prepared by COHA Research Associate Naomi Glassman

    Revolutionary Racism: Afro?Cubans in an Era of Economic Change

    Fidel Castro's regime enacted anti-discrimination legislation and
    redistributive reforms benefiting Afro-Cubans
    Afro-Cubans are disproportionately affected by Cuba's economic
    struggles and change
    U.S. dollars from remittances, and paladares contribute to… Continue reading

    Cuba: Will More Political Prisoners Be Released?Church Says There Is Still More to Do HAVANA, Cuba, APRIL 19, 2011 ( Cuban President Raúl Castro is stating that the process of releasing "prisoners of conscience" has ended, though the archbishopric of Havana noted that there is still work to be done. On April 8, 37 former […] Continue reading
    Cuba's Remnant Rediscovers ReligionLetter from HavanaBy Michael OrbachPublished March 30, 2011. The hubbub surrounding Cuba's small Jewish community these days does not faze Yakob Berezniak Hernandez. Sitting behind a desk crowded with a typewriter, several cans of Lieber's tomato paste and piles of loose foreign change, Hernandez, of Havana's Adath Israel synagogue, waved away inquiries […] Continue reading
    Cuba is no island paradise for its citizensBy Mark Milke, Calgary Herald October 3, 2010 2:09 AM For some unexplained reason, a coterie of Canadian apologists exist who are ever eager to defend Cuba's 51-year old Marxist dictatorship. In recent weeks, one letter writer to the Herald argued Cuban children benefit from the island autocracy […] Continue reading
    Posted on Saturday, 05.22.10 PERSONAL STORIES My mother’s Mariel Odyssey By VIRGINIA GIL A small, dirty, white boat. It’s rusted and smells of fish. Aboard: a collection of Cubans. Sixty in all. Among them was my mother, Luisa Alonso, a single, 25-year-old woman, who would reluctantly assume the moniker la marielita. My mother had always […] Continue reading
    Posted on Monday, 11.16.09Court won't get involved in book banning caseBy LAURA WIDES-MUNOZ and JESSE J. HOLLANDAssociated Press Writers MIAMI — The Supreme Court is staying out of a dispute in Miami between school officials and civil libertarians over a book about Cuba that depicts smiling children in communist uniforms but avoids mention of problems […] Continue reading
    Alina Fernandez, Fidel Castro's daughter talks of life in CubaBy: Sam KemererPosted: 10/26/09 "I think that freedom is very important and that it has a price," explained Alina Fernandez. Fernandez, Fidel Castro's daughter, spoke to a very large crowed in the Barben rooms on Tuesday, October 20. Her speech touched upon many subjects but revolved […] Continue reading
    Cuba Ends Food Guarantees, Steps Back from Socialist IdealNew America Media, News Analysis, Louis E.V. Nevaer, Posted: Oct 23, 2009 Review it on NewsTrust MERIDA, Mexico – Cuba, in an abrupt about face, is set to abandon the food rationing program that has been the cornerstone of its Socialist revolution since 1962, when the United […] Continue reading
    Posted on Sunday, 08.09.09Cuban economy feels heat of world downturnCuba's economy was already in grave condition before the worldwide recession struck. Now, the government is imposing even harsher rationing of electricity and food.By JUAN O. Fernando used to have a cushy job in Havana as a teller in a government bank office with air-conditioning, […] Continue reading
    ECONOMY-CUBA:Holiday Blues in Times of CrisisBy Patricia Grogg HAVANA, Jun 23 (IPS) – Anxieties about making ends meet in Cuba areheightened at the start of the summer holiday season, when there isincreased demand for food, transport and electricity, all of which areaffected by restrictions intended to ease the country's economicproblems, intensified by the global recession. […] Continue reading
    Visiting Raúl Castro's CubaSamuel Farber ON JULY 31, 2006, THE CUBAN government announced that due to a serious illness, the nature of which was declared a state secret, Fidel Castro was stepping aside as the head of state. His younger brother Raúl, officially designated as his successor since the early days of the 1959 Revolution, […] Continue reading
    The End of the End of the RevolutionBy ROGER COHENPublished: December 5, 2008 ON MY FIRST DAY IN HAVANA I wandered down to the Malecón, the world's most haunting urban seafront promenade. A norte was blustering, sending breakers crashing over the stone dike built in 1901 under short-lived American rule. Bright explosions of spray unfurled […] Continue reading
    Community Finds New Life in Castro-less CubaNathan Guttman | Wed. Sep 19, 2007 Havana, Cuba – During the High Holy Days this year, an unlikely community is celebrating not just the start of a new year but also the beginning of a new era. Adela Dworin, head of the Jewish community in Havana, can boast […] Continue reading
    Economic crisis forced Cuba to reduce ecological footprint SILVER DONALD CAMERON I REALLY have never seen anything like the “camels” of Cuba — huge fifth-wheel trailers drawn by tractor trucks, and fitted up as buses capable of carrying as many as 300 people. They’re wonderfully flexible — the tractors that tow them could as easily […] Continue reading
    Free education; a signal achievement of the Revolution Karell Infante Mantilla, Jóvenes sin Censura HOLGUIN, Cuba – October ( – On September 4, the first day of the school year, a casual observer could easily tell to what grade the incoming students were going. Not by their apparent ages, but by the state of their […] Continue reading
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